Where are the farm clues in Fortnite?

Our articles on Fortnite Where are the farm clues in Fortnite? Clues are to be found in the Fortnite farm for a challenge. We show you where to find them!

For quests Fortnite of this week, a challenge asks you to find the clues of the farm. On paper, it's quite simple but you still have to know where to find the farm for this Fortnite week 4 challenge !

The farm is located east of Corny Complex, on the hill. You can't miss it since it's really high up and there are tractors, fields, hedges... in short, everything you can usually find on a farm!

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Farm clues in Fortnite

To complete this challenge, you will have to go to the different locations that we indicate below. In all, there are 4 clues that you will be able to see under the magnifying glass in the game. Caution : our screens were taken before the release of the challenge.

This is where the farm is located to complete the challenges, the clues are around this point

Regarding the exact locations, be aware that you will have to move around the farm a bit because some of the clues are on the other side of the river to the east.

The very first clue is simple to find as it is in the crop, next to the tractor

Regarding the second clue, you have to go next to the tree, near the cliff

Then you are going to have to cross the river to the trunks for the third clue

The fourth clue is across the river, towards those rocks

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