Where are the infected animals in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where are the infected animals in Fortnite? For the challenges in week 4 of Fortnite, you will have to hunt an infected animal. We explain where to find them!

In week 4 of Fortnite, new challenges are available, allowing you to obtain XP. Some of them can be complicated to achieve, so we help you validate them! This will allow you to advance more quickly in the battle pass by gaining levels and battle stars.

This is the case of the challenge asking to hunt an infected animal. We will explain to you where to find it easily to validate the fortnite week 4 challenge.

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Where to find an infected animal in Fortnite?

To hunt an infected animal, you will have to start by finding one! Unfortunately, there is no specific location for these animals, which roam all over the game map. Nevertheless, it seems that it is easier to find them around Pleasant Park and Corny Complex !

We recommend that you go to Risky Reels for take a car and walk around this area to find an infected animal.

These animals, which are hens, frogs, wolves or wild boars, have the particularity of having a parasite on the face, but a usual body! Here is what they look like:

An infected wolf in Fortnite. (credits: @Y4NK)

To complete this quest, you simply go have to eliminate. Be careful though, these animals leave parasites behind them, who will try to cling to you! They will have the effect of giving you improved mobility, at the expense of some HP.

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