Where are the IO radar bases in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where are the IO radar bases in Fortnite? Today, new challenges are available on Fortnite! For one of them, you will have to find IO radar bases, discover their location!

Like every week, go to Fortnite to complete new weekly challenges to unlock new rewards and experience on your battle pass. 

This Thursday, August 19, 2021, new epic quests are available and one of them asks you to go to an IO radar base. Discover the location of these radar bases

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Where to find an IO radar base in Fortnite? 

To complete one of the challenges of the week, you will have to go to an IO radar base, one of the new features of Fortnite Season 7. 

To find an IO radar base, you can use the game map that we have edited to show you all the locations of the radar bases in the game. You just have to go to one of them to complete the challenge that asks you to use equipment in an IO radar base

IO Radar Base Locations in Fortnite

For example, this is what the IO radar base near Slurpy Swanp looks like. 

Radar base of l'IO de Slurpy Swamp

Once in a radar base, you will need to go to the location shown in the screenshot below. An orange screen will be present, with which you will have to interact to validate the challenge.

Interior of the IO radar base

Congratulations, you have all the information to find a radar base and validate your challenge!

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