Where are the Nutcracker statues in Fortnite?

Our articles on Fortnite Where are the Nutcracker statues in Fortnite? Nutcracker statues can be found everywhere in Fortnite, but we'll tell you where to find them for sure!

If you are on this article, it is because you surely want complete Operation Snowfall quests on the fact Fortnite. One of the quests (or challenge) will ask you to find Nutcracker statues to destroy them. In all, you have to find 5 statues which are spread all over the Fortnite map.

You can therefore easily achieve this challenge without necessarily having to force yourself to do it; all you need to know is how the statue looks (above). But if you ever want to quickly get rid of this challenge, we show you two cities in Fortnite to go quickly: Retail Row and Lazy Lake.

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The Nutcracker statues in Fortnite

They are everywhere and at the same time nowhere. To help you, we advise you to go to the two places indicated on the map below: Retail Row & Lazy Lake. These two cities are quite close so you can easily complete and complete the challenge in a single game.

Even if the Nutcracker statues are everywhere, we advise you to quickly go east of Lazy Lake and Retail Row to complete the challenge.

At Retail Row, there are three statues in the building at the very east of town

Same thing for Lazy Lake, go east (albeit a bit south as well) and you'll find the two statues

Once the 5 Nutcracker statues have been destroyed, you will have validated your challenge/quest and you just have to end the game.

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