Where are the Ominous TVs in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where are the Ominous TVs in Fortnite? Where are the ominous TVs in Fortnite for the challenge in season 6?

Dance Fortnite, you have the opportunity to complete many challenges in order to obtain rewards, but also sometimes these challenges allow you to tease the content of an upcoming season.

This is particularly the case with the challenge disturbing televisions which will give a countdown in connection with season 7.

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Where to find Ominous TVs in Fortnite?

New quests are available in Fortnite, teasing the next season, which should be on the theme of aliens. Today's challenge coming to the game will ask you to " Destroy disturbing televisions "and we will therefore indicate below where you can find these TVs.

You will be able to find several disturbing TVs on the map. The first that we indicate to you is next to Lazy Lake.

The second disturbing television is in a small camp near the weather station.

The third television is between Slurpy Swamp and Flush Factory.

The fourth TV can be found a bit north of Holly Hedges, it is between two trees.

For the latest TV, you're going to have to go on the coast west of Sweaty Sands.

Once you find one, you just have to interact with the TV to use it, thanks to the interaction button. You will have completed your “Destroy five disturbing televisions” challenge. Of course, this challenge may take you a bit of time, as other players will try to eliminate you before you can interact with these TVs, so we advise you to rush them as soon as you land.

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