Where are the parenting books in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where are the parenting books in Fortnite? To complete a Fortnite challenge (or quest), you will need to find parent education books. But where are they?

Looking for education books in Fortnite ? We offer several locations if you wish to carry out one of the season 7 quests (or challenges) of the game. There are in two cities: Holly Hatchery et Retail Row. If you go to another city, you will not find these famous parenting books in Fortnite.

To help you, we provide below screenshots with the location of each book. Obviously, not all the books indicated will be found to validate the challenge, but this allows you to have a multitude of possibilities!

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Parenting books in Fortnite

As you may have read above, not all books are available. However, depending on the location where you are located (Holly Hatchery and Retail Row), you will have more facilities in one city than in another, depending on where you land the bus for example.

First location of a parenting book in Fortnite, between the stairs and the bookshelf

The second location is between the light and the shelf with a garden gnome for the parenting book in Fortnite

Also at Holly Hatchery, the third parenting book in Fortnite can be found here, in front of the shelf

Direction Retail Row for the fourth parenting book in Fortnite, in front of the brick wall

For the fifth parenting book in Fortnite you have to go behind the sofa to this place

The sixth and final parenting book in Fortnite sits right in front of the many shelves

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