Where are the Stealth Neigionnaires in Fortnite?

Our articles on Fortnite Where are the Stealth Neigionnaires in Fortnite? Stealth Neigionnaires are the snowmen you can use to hide in Fortnite!

A few days ago, the event theOperation Snowfall landed on Fortnite. On the program: the return of the snow, the return of the planes and the return of the outposts. This year, these outposts are called Neigionnaire. To find them, it's quite simple since we can see on the map that there are some small areas a little red, in reference to the roof of each of these outposts.

If you are looking to find Neigionnaire Outposts to search chests or for anything else, you have come to the right place as you have been listed the location of all Neigionnaire Outposts in Fortnite in 2020.

Search chests at Neigionnaire Outposts

As you can see from the map below, there are 5 Neigionnaire outposts. All of them have at least one chest, so if you want to take your time to complete the challenge, you can do it chest by chest, game after game.

These outposts are everywhere on the map, whether at Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, Weeping Woods, Catty Corner or even Steam Stacks.

So head to the locations shown on the map and you will find the various Neigionnaire outposts in Fortnite. Be careful, some are surrounded by enemies that will have to be eliminated and never forget that in a game, you are never alone so look up in the air when you land with your parachute to avoid unpleasant surprises!

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