Where are Zerator and his guild for the race to WoW Dragonflight?

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World of Warcraft dragonflight, to the nouvelle extension of Blizzard for the famous MMO is now available. You can venture into the new areas of Dragon Islands to mount your characters 70 level and face new challenges in the various dungeons of the extension. 

The first season of dragonflight is finally available, with it begins the progress of the new raid, the Vault of the Incarnations where many guilds will compete.


Where will Zerator Guild players play?

Zerator announced on October 28 its exceptional project 2 years after Shadowlands with crazy guests! Find all the players of his guild in this article.

Dragonflight project, incredible experience in approach, with even newcomers.
It starts in 1 month. HO DAMN WHAT ARE WE GOING TO LAUGH (and probably scream a little) pic.twitter.com/kVefh021mi

— ZeratoR (@ZeratoR) October 28, 2022

They will play on the Alliance side on Ysondre in Europe (EU) and you will find them live on Zerator's Twitch channel and many others all gathered in a Hotel in Montpellier.

They will then be part of the French race and progress of the Cave of the Incarnations.

Find the progress of all the other guilds live on CreamofGames so you don't miss anything of this Race to World First (RWF) which promises to be golden and already legendary!

If you too want to venture into the new Dragonflight raid, guides will be available soon on CreamofGames. In the meantime, find all our class guides already available and up to date.

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