Where Haki is Acquired in Blox Fruits

Where Haki is Acquired in Blox Fruits

By unlocking a Haki in Blox Fruits, you will gain unique abilities. Hakis are trainable, this way you will get better results. Today you can achieve two Haki in Blox Fruits, the one for observation called Ken and the one for improvement called Buso. Both give abilities with their respective quirks. In this article we want you to know where Haki is acquired in Blox Fruits from Roblox.

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Where Haki is Acquired in Blox Fruits

Where is Haki acquired in Blox Fruits

To get any of the free Hakis in Blox Fruits, you must meet a series of requirements according to each of them.

Observation Haki (Ken)

To acquire Observation Haki you must:

  • Be at level three hundred of Blox Fruits
  • Kill the saber specialist NPC boss
  • Go to the area called the second area of ​​​​the upper patio, located on the island with the highest height of Blox Fruits
  • Cancel a sum of seven hundred and fifty thousand Beli
  • If you want the upgraded version of this Haki, you must go to the Third Tuesday

By unlocking Observation Haki, you will have the draw ability. This allows you to see the attacks of the opponents as if it were a slow motion. This way you will be able to avoid them easily, without perceiving any damage.

Fulfilling all these requirements, you will be able to unlock Observation Haki, and thus level up in the Haki stages. The maximum level of Observation Haki is number seven, and if you get the V2 upgrade, you can go up one more level. You can also train Observation Haki by combining it with other Blox Fruits.

Enhancement Haki (Buso)

Upon initial registration at Blox Fruits, you will be randomly assigned a race, and it will have Enhancement Haki included. According to the skills of the race, you will be able to get the different improvements.

Updates for Upgrade Haki come unannounced, and it is not possible to view the EXP of this Haki. To tell if Enhancement Haki is on or off, you need to look at your avatar's entire body, and see which parts are covered by Haki. Remember that this Haki covers parts of the body as it levels up. Start with the arms, and end up covering the legs of your avatar.

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