Where is Fangeville in Fortnite for the challenge?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where is Fangeville in Fortnite for the challenge? Where is the notable location Fangeville in Fortnite? You are given its location to find it easily, for the different challenges!

Season 8 Chapter 2 Update:

Here is the location of Fangeville in this new season:

In this eleventh week of challenges Fortnite, the quests are on the theme of Valentine's Day ! You have to help Poiscaille find his soul mate, but also find a rose or boxes of chocolates. These challenges are done in specific locations, which can sometimes be difficult to find.

One of them takes place at Fangeville to deliver a love potion, and we show you the location of the place!

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Where is Fangeville in Fortnite?

To find Fangeville in Fortnite, and thus be able deliver the love potion, you will have to go to the side of Slurpy Swamp! Indeed, Fangeville, which is a notable place and whose name does not appear on the map, is located west of Slurpy.

It is a village with only a few houses, all built in woodWith red roofs. In the middle of this town is a funny character built from gutters, and which is easily recognizable!

To help you find Fangeville easily, you can use the map below, which indicates the exact location of the city:

Fangeville location in Fortnite

You can also use the screenshot below to find the city more easily, and see what it looks like:

Fangeville in Fortnite

Once there, all you have to do is complete the challenge, which is to deliver a love potion!

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