Where is Grand Gorge in Fortnite for the challenge?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where is Grand Gorge in Fortnite for the challenge? Where is the Grand Gorge to visit in Fortnite, for the challenge?

Chapter 8 Season 2 Update:

Here is the location of the Grand Gorge in this new season:

Week 12 Challenges Fortnite is finally here, and like every week, some challenges are a little more complicated than others to complete! Indeed, it is sometimes necessary to go to little-known places, also called “notable places” which are not indicated on the map.

One of them is the Grand Gorge, which must be visited to validate one of the challenges of the week. We give you its exact location!

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Where is Grand Gorge in Fortnite?

La Grand Gorge is a necessary location to visit for one of Fortnite's week 12 challenges. This is a notable place, whose name is not indicated on the map, which can make it difficult to find. We help you by giving you its location!

You will find the Gorge Grandiose at northeast of Hunter's Haven. It's about a huge waterfall, which you cannot miss when approaching the place! To help you locate it more easily, you can use the map below:

Grandiose Gorge location in Fortnite

You can also use the screenshot below, which was taken at the exact location of the Gorge Grandiose. The minimap also indicates where this place is, and can help you further:

Grand Gorge in Fortnite

Once there, you will then have validated part of the challenge, since you just have to visit the place!

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