Where is Implacable, the Fortnite NPC in season 6?

Our articles on Fortnite Where is Implacable, the Fortnite NPC in season 6? Where is the Implacable NPC in Fortnite, for the week 11 challenge?

Every Thursday in Fortnite, challenges, also called "quests", are available! These challenges allow you to earn XP and advance in the battle pass to unlock skins. However, they are not always easy to achieve, and we help you to validate them easily thanks to our guides.

We give you Relentless NPC location in Fortnite, so you can sell your bars to him and complete the week 11 challenge!

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Where is the Relentless NPC in Fortnite?

One of the challenges of week 11 in Fortnite asks to go to the Relentless NPC, to spend your bullion there. It is therefore necessary to know the location of this NPC, which is located at northwest of Lazy Lake !

You will find this NPC either inside a small building or moving around it. You can find son exact location on the map below:

Relentless NPC location in Fortnite

Be careful though, since it is an NPC, this one will appear randomly in your parts. So you might have to reroll a few times before you find it!

Here's what Relentless looks like in Fortnite:

The Relentless NPC in Fortnite

Once found, all you have to do is spend your bars. You will have several options:

  • Buy a weapon
  • Recruit the NPC

Be careful, accepting a quest will not make you spend ingots. You can only try to win it this way!

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