Where is Lac Coeur in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where is Lac Coeur in Fortnite? To succeed in the challenges of this week 10 of Fortnite, you will have to catch fish at Lac Coeur! We explain where the location of the challenge is.

If you play Fortnite, you should know that every week there are new challenges. Every Thursday at 15 p.m., Epic Games adds these new features to the game in order to offer new content to players.

This week, one of the challenges asks us to catch fish at Lac Coeur. We help you achieve this challenge by showing you the location of Sharky Shell on the Fortnite map!

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Where is Lac Coeur in Fortnite for the challenge?

For this week 10 of the Fortnite challenges, you will have to go to the Heart Lake, in order to to catch fish. It is likely that you do not know where this lake is, since it is not indicated on the map!

To get to Lac Coeur, you will have to go to the floating island, where Stark Industries is located. Once there, you will find the lake very easily, since it is the only lake present in this area. It is precisely located in F2 - F3 - G2 - G3, and would have a heart shape.

You can use the map below to find the lake more easily:

Location of Lac Coeur in Fortnite

Don't forget to catch fish to validate the challenge, with the fishing rods that you will find around the island.

Lac Coeur in Fortnite, near Stark Industries



You can use the video below to find Lac Coeur:




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