Where is Preston located in Pet Simulator X

The Preston pet is quite popular among Pet Simulator X players, as everyone wants to get it because of the strangeness of this pet. If you want to have this pet in your inventory, you just have to continue reading as we are going to show you where Preston is in Pet Simulator X Roblox.

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Where is Preston in Pet Simulator X

Where is Preston in Pet Simulator X Roblox

The Preston pet is quite in demand in the Pet Simulator X game, and most of the players want to get it because of its outstanding characteristics:

  • The Preston pet has high speed when traveling distances on the map.
  • This pet has an exorbitant strength, which allows him to open any chest or box regardless of its size.
  • The Preston pet is considered the most bizarre pet in the Pet Simulator X game.

Steps to place Preston in Pet Simulator X

To achieve the Preston pet, we must have a bit of patience, since we must first complete an achievement in the Pet Simulator X game, the one that contains the Preston pet, to complete the achievement we must carry out the following steps:

  1. We enter the Pet Simulator X achievements section, where we are going to look for the next option.
  2. We will locate an achievement called Celebrity Crush.
  3. This achievement is considered one of the most complex in Pet Simulator X, to fill it satisfactorily.
  4. To be victorious in this achievement we must achieve a Preston, in a mission assigned to us.
  5. At the end of the mission, the Preston pet will be assigned to us as a reward, from the Celebrity Crush achievement.

Another good option that Pet Simulator X players have, to achieve the Preston pet is the following:

  1. We must enter the next option: About Us, we can achieve it in the Pet Simulator X game.
  2. Then we are going to click on the Big Games section.
  3. A gallery will be displayed which contains a huge variety of pets.
  4. We are going to place the pet Preston and choose it.
  5. Once we choose Preston we are going to enter his profile.
  6. What we must do is continue to Preston, this action is carried out through the 3 points that are located in the upper right part of the screen.
  7. Now we just have to wait for the Join option that is in the Preston pet's profile to be activated.
  8. By activating the Join option you want to say that the Preston pet is active in the achievement.

Another option to achieve this pet is through the Trade system, although it is not convenient since we are not going to achieve the Celebrity Crush achievement; and players who have the Preston pet in this system ask for a huge amount for the stuffed animal.

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