Where is the Slurp Factory in the Fortnite Mothership?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where is the Slurp Factory in the Fortnite Mothership? If you want to complete certain challenges in Fortnite, you will need to find where the Slurp Factory is in the Mothership. We tell you how to get there and where to find it.

Every week new challenges are added on Fortnite. Some challenges are easier to complete while others are much less so. In any case, these challenges are very useful for owners of the Battle Pass because they bring you XP, which allows you to progress in it and earn as many gifts as possible.

This week, ofhe new challenges have arrived in Fortnite, and among them we find the challenge "Visit the Slurp Factory in the Fortnite Mothership ". But you're probably wondering where to find this ship, how to get into it and where to find the slurp factory. We show you how.

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Where is the Mothership in Fortnite?

Although this quest looks a bit complicated at first glance, it is actually very simple to complete. First of all you will have to go to your map. You will see thatabove some cities is a flying saucer, this is where you will have to go. Be careful, the position of the ships changes between games, so always check your map carefully.

A vacuum saucer in Fortnite

Once in the city, you will see a large ship releasing a green ray, it is a suction saucer. In order to enter the mothership, you will have to stand under the shelf and wait a few moments, you will then see your character being teleported to the ship.

The green beam of a vacuum saucer in Fortnite

Once inside, all you have to do is find the sludge factory. To do this, use gravity to jump from island to island. You can also use your weapon that propels you. Once inside, the challenge is complete.

Slurp Factory in Fortnite

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