Where's Saw in Blox Fruits

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Where is Saw at Blox Fruits located? The Saw from Blox Fruits, is a Raid Boss that is located on level one hundred of the game. You'll find it on the in-game map. Roblox every hour and one minute, in the Middle Town or Loguetown area of 鈥嬧媡he anime. The Saw, also known as La Sierra, has the ability to deal XNUMX damage to opponents.

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Where's Saw in Blox Fruits

Where is Saw in Blox Fruits

To locate the Raid Boss The Saw, you must go to the Middle Town Zone, there, Raid Boss will appear, every 1 hour and one minute. Raid Boss The Saw is characterized by:

  • Being a somewhat intimidating sword, exaggeratedly long, with blunt teeth and somewhat intimidating
  • Possess seven thousand five hundred HP, which generates one hundred and twenty damage on attacks
  • Upon killing him, you will have a one percent chance that he will drop the Shark Saw

When The Saw appears in Blox Fruits, it throws up a warning informing you that the saw has spawned. From there, you will have a few minutes to finish it off and get the in-game rewards.

The Shark Saw is not considered a huge sword in the game. This has a significant size, however its power is equal to normal swords. To deal damage to opponents, you must perform a full execution.

Advantages of Saw in Blox Fruits

  • It is ideal to use it in the first levels of Blox Fruits
  • Provides the ability to confuse opponents, so it will be considerably easier to take them out
  • It is ideal to be used in PvP combos, but for this you have to be at levels seven hundred or lower
  • The movements of the Shark Saw closely resemble the movements of the Blox Spike fruit.

Disadvantages of Saw in Blox Fruits

  • The Hitboxes made by the Saw are small
  • He has no long range abilities.
  • When attacking with the Shark Saw, you will generate endlag
  • To cause significant damage to opponents with the Logia fruit, you must activate the V2 upgrade of the sword
  • If you are in the medium or high levels, the sword is not accurate. It is advisable to use a triple Katana, to then get the Saber or the Bisento sword

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