Where to find the Midas fish in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where to find the Midas fish in Fortnite? The Midas fish is finally activated in Fortnite, and it is very difficult to find it!

Patch 14.20 was deployed this Wednesday, September 24, 2020 in Fortnite, bringing with it new content and bug fixes. Among the novelties, the long-awaited Midas fish is finally available in the game, and it is very difficult to fish it!

We explain to you why you have difficulty finding it, and what are the specifics of the Midas fish in Fortnite.

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Midas fish in Fortnite, where to find it?

The Midas fish is a legendary fish, with specific features. First, when you fish it, it will automatically restore 40 HP to you. He will also give you a random legendary weapon, and most importantly: he will turn all your inventory into legendary ! You can also use it as a weapon by throwing it at your opponents, it will inflict 40 damage on them.

But you will understand, this fish is very difficult to obtain... If it is so hard to fish, it is simply because it is configured so that you only have 0.00004% chance of getting it ! This fish is very rare, so there is little chance that you will catch it quickly.

So there is no quick fix to catch Midas fish, if not spend hours and hours fishing. As for where to find it, you'll be more likely to fish for it in shoals of fish. These are places that you can quickly see because the water is moving!

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