Where to Put the Codes in Pet Simulator X

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On the different websites dedicated to the game Pet Simulator X, or on the official page of Roblox, we are going to achieve current codes and expired codes, which we must exchange to receive the different rewards they have. The rewards are random, and we can receive diamonds, coins, pets, etc.

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Where to Put the Codes in Pet Simulator X

Where do you put the codes in Pet Simulator X Roblox

By getting a code from the official Roblox website, players will get a huge variety of gifts and surprises, including diamonds, coins, and rare or legendary plushies.

If you have one or multiple Pet Simulator X codes, you must exchange them immediately, since their validity time is limited and they are without effect.

Steps to exchange codes in Pet Simulator X:

  1. When logging into the Pet Simulator X game, we will locate a menu at the bottom of the game screen.
  2. In the menu we will choose the pet button.
  3. Next we are going to click on the gear icon that is located at the bottom of the game screen.
  4. A new menu will be displayed where we must scroll to the end.
  5. We will get the option to Exchange Codes.
  6. A box will open where we will put the code, using the copy and paste option of our PC.
  7. Once we enter the code we must click on the confirm button.
  8. We will immediately receive the prize of the entered code.
  9. Players should be aware that to enable the code redemption option they must be at the basic level.

With the steps shown previously, players can exchange the codes obtained from the official Roblox page. In this way they will receive the prizes and rewards of each code. The codes are of a use and the player who performs the exchange can no longer use it again. They have a fairly limited lifespan.

Current Pet Simulator X Codes

Next, we will leave you with multiple current codes that you can exchange in Pet Simulator X, to receive your prizes.

  • Code: 404roblox, this code is brand new and by exchanging it you will receive triple coins x8.
  • Code: 1Mfollowers, with this code players will receive triple coins x5.
  • Code: im2lucky, with this code players will receive Ultra Lucky for x3.
  • Code: 1plus300k, exchanging this code will give players a boost of luck.

Make sure you enter the code properly to get the reward, if when you enter the code it does not work, it must be that it is already inactive, so you must hurry to use them.

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