Where to Sell my Free Fire Account

Free Fire is a fairly popular game around the planet, apart from being one of the most downloaded video game consoles according to statistics. But, this does not mean that many of the people who play it, want to continue doing it for quite some time. So if you're wondering where to sell my free fire account This is the item you need!

Well, in this new guide on this website we are going to teach where to sell my account Free Fire in a totally easy and fast way using certain free platforms on the web. Let's go there!

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Where to Sell my Free Fire Account

Where to sell my free fire account?

  • As soon as you choose the platform you want to sell your account, you will have to take some aspects into account when publishing the sale of this.
  • Also, you will need to provide complete information for buyers: Name, Platform, Age, Subscribers/ Likes/ Followers/ Downloads, Industry and Tags.
  • After this you must also put the "description”, which is a brief description of your free fire account, such as: I am selling an advanced free fire account, North America zone with weapons and evolutionary adaptations, among many other essential aspects.
  • You should also put the keyword in your sale description such as: Free fire 2022, acquire free fire account, free fire account, free fire account for sale.
  • Add all the information about your account such as, for example, characters for sale, elite passes, weapons and other adaptations that you have managed to achieve in your account.
  • Enter the why are you selling your account, for whom it would be perfect and the number of days in which the account will be delivered, then post an image to publicize your sale.
  • as a final aspect you must put the price and as you would like to make your sale, these are going to be the most essential steps so that your sale is made since depending on what you want on your own, the buyers will come to you.

Pages to sell Free accounts 

  • SellFex
  • WizardYT
  • Rush Unot
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