Which Health Center should Mary My café go to?

My Cafe It is a very popular game nowadays, it has the best simulation to have your food business, in such a way that you can manage it and create its rehabilitation, apart from having recipes and different machinery that we will be able to unlock as we progress in the game. You can take control of your business with a staff that will be incorporated from the moment we open our restaurant. My Cafe is a game that has a story mode, which will give you levels as you advance.

In this article, we are going to explain to you one of the missions that blocks most players in their beginnings in the game, how to answer Mary's questions regarding the location of the health center where she should go . 

Which Health Center should Mary My café go to?

Which Health Center should Mary My café go to?

In level one you will find a mission called "looking for Alice", in which the main character of this mission is Mary Ditt, this game character is the first client that we will find when starting our business, in her description she appears as a student university of journalism and will ask you always and in all circumstances for ice creams, which are her favorites, the main objective of Mary Ditt in the game is to investigate different cases that happen near your store.

Within the mission saving Alice Carrol, Watson (a police officer who appears throughout our adventure in the game) saves her from some thugs who wanted to kidnap her. When Alice Carrol is injured, Mary decides to embark on a journey to save her, in which three options will appear:

  • 1) Central Health Center
  • 2) Go to the nearest town station
  • 3) Go to the mountains

You must choose the first option, the central health center of the city of My Cafe it is the circuit where Mary with Alice Carrol must attend. All this procedure is necessary to be able to continue advancing in the perfect story mode. 

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