Which is the Strongest Dragon in Dragon City?

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There is not a specific dragon stronger than all the rest, we could all have one that we consider the strongest from our perspective, there are multiple great dragons that if we have them, therefore we should take care of them and take them to their maximum level, taking out their potential, come on To speak only the best dragons of each class, we must first mention the heroic dragons. These belong to the highest category (level one) and are achieved in singular events, they are undoubtedly certain best of “Dragon CityThese include: Noble Resolve Dragon, Noble Fiery Dragon, Noble Malicious Dragon, and many more.

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Which is the Strongest Dragon in Dragon City?

Which is the Strongest Dragon in Dragon City?

The mythical dragons are a certain similarity of the legendary ones, they are category one being stronger than the rest, the superb vampire dragon is the strongest in this category and one of the most difficult to achieve and breed, followed by this one is the pure colossus dragon being number two in this category is not to be overlooked since it is one of the toughest of "Dragon City” Although it is not up to the superb vampire dragon, it is still equally strong.

In category nine we find the legendary dragons of a single element, but we do not believe that they are still powerful and a huge option at the time of combat, we have the droconus dragon with a maximum damage of nine,000, the speed dragon the light being obtained in singular events or offers and in third place with force the dragon ranger with eight thousand one hundred and ninety of maximum damage obtaining it in a crossing of two pure dragons. From our perspective these are the strongest of their categories.

These are only true of many other really strong ones that are still in "Dragon City” with each new update they integrate more unusual dragons. 

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