Which way to go to the New Planet Blox Fruits

Do you know how to go to the new planet of Blox Fruit? Since it is necessary that you meet a series of essential requirements. The first thing you need to know is that to go to the new planet of Blox Fruits, you have to be at level seven hundred or higher in the game. Roblox.

In the new planet of Blox Fruits, the new currency of the game was introduced, which is what everyone knows as fragments. These are extremely useful for awakening demon fruits.

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How to go to the New Planet Blox Fruits

How to go to the new planet Blox Fruits

If you want to go to the new planet Blox Fruits, you must meet the requirements demanded by the game and follow these easy steps:

  • Be at least level XNUMX or higher in the game
  • Go to Impel Down to find the military detective in the area and interact with him. He will ask you to go to Snow Island, in order to find the Ice Admiral
  • The military detective will give you a key that you will need to find the Ice Admiral
  • When you are in the Snow Island area, you need to go to the skill grotto, where you can purchase flashtep and skyjump upgrades.
  • With the key that the military detective gave you, you will enter through the brown door
  • Upon entering, you need to finish off the Ice Admiral. Once you have liquidated it, you return to the Impel Down area to talk with the military detective
  • After you have talked with the military detective, head to the Middle Town area. There you must find the Experienced Captain and you will have to chat with him, and ask him to transfer to the new planet or second sea of 鈥嬧婤lox Fruits

New Planet Blox Fruits

Upon arrival at the new planet Blox Fruits, you should be wary of bounty hunters, as they will want to kill you whether they get a bounty or not. In the New Planet Blox Fruits, you will find certain changes such as:

  • Bosses spawn every two minutes, except for the flamingo boss and Tide Keeper. These appear every thirty minutes
  • You must go to the farm, which is located in Fountain City, and when you are at level seven hundred and fifty of Blox Fruits you will get 6.300.000 Exp and Cyborg. Therefore, the most convenient thing is that you go to the server of level seven hundred and fifty. so you will get these rewards
  • In order to get the shards on the new Blox Fruits planet, you must defeat Raid Bosses.
  • Another way to get shards is by defeating a sea beast.
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