Which way to lean in Murder Mystery two

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Emojis are actions carried out by avatars that simulate simple actions such as sitting, singing, levitating, among many others. Some more useful than others. It can be noted that it does not increase your skills in the game in an exceptional way, but in some way it could be useful to you when hiding from the murderer, or be a disadvantage if you use it at a very inopportune moment in Murder Mystery XNUMX Roblox.

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How to Lean in Murder Mystery 2

How to lean in Murder Mystery two Roblox

The ability to lean down to a sitting position on the ground will allow you to hide in smaller, more strategic spots. You can acquire this emote in two ways, paid and free.

  1. This ability can be purchased in the store for eight hundred coins. When you enable it, your avatar will be sitting on the ground with its legs outstretched; the head makes small movements from side to side very slowly, the feet also move slightly.
  2. There is also a way to activate it from the chat through commands, but this way of doing it is limiting in the middle of a game, or if the other players disable the chat module. It is convenient to collect the coins and purchase it, so that you can use it whenever you want without restrictions.

If you don't want to spend your coins, apply the chat command and activate the sit emote for free. The disadvantage is that you can find the chat disabled, or that you do not have time to do it before the killer finds you. The benefit of activating it for a fee is that you will use it whenever you want with just one click. According to your possibilities, it is useful to acquire it, to hide in those places of little access and that could well save your life.

Disadvantages of using emotes throughout the games

Next, we will list certain disadvantages of using emotes throughout the games; they can be:

  1. Expose your location and give the killer the benefit of locating you. This can happen when using the jar of fireflies that emits a light.
  2. Using emotes could also confuse the sheriff and cause him to shoot you by mistake.

Advantages of using emotes throughout the games

We could also catalog certain advantages of incorporating emotes throughout the game. Among those advantages are the following:

  1. By using gestures like sitting, it will let you hide in places that you wouldn't otherwise go into, since they don't hide your entire body. Some of those places are: under desks, in bushes, behind boxes, in fireplaces, etc.
  2. Triggering the bomb playfully on another player will allow you to lure the killer towards him so you can escape.
  3. If you are the murderer this can also be beneficial for you, since you will be able to take out a teddy bear and a small knife at the same time. This strategy works effectively with splitter knives, ghost.

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