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In April of the year two thousand and twelve, what absolutely no one expected happened, the hacking of the platform of Roblox, and, not surprisingly, MeepCity suffered, as certain players had their game accounts compromised. Certain of these accounts were used to write offensive and off-color messages in the chat.

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Who Hacked MeepCity

Who hacked MeepCity Roblox

As we mentioned previously, it was in the year XNUMX that the Roblox platform was hacked, compromising MeepCity. The author of this hack was the user Ellernate.

Chain of events created by Ellernate

It all started when the user Ellernate registered a fake account on the SiteTest3 server, usurping the name of a Roblox account manager. Having access to the administration server started the whole unexpected chain of events.

The false administrator began to do his thing, reducing the cost of the hats in the MeepCity store, certain denominations of the merchandise were modified; To give an example, the hat that was called Explosive Hair was changed to Rocket Hair.

This fake admin also created new items for avatar customization. In the game store you could get a new face that had the name "C" and the one that could be obtained for the amount of one hundred Robux.

Only one user had access to this new face, but he claims that he had lost control of his game account. Other players who were interested in the new visage were unable to access it as it was crashing in MeepCity.

A player who lost control of his game account tells us about his experience as countless items were added to his inventory and his avatar's appearance was adapted multiple times. In the end, the user who had control of this account decided to remove it.

Another player who tells us about his experience tells us that they added the crown of dominoes and the ban hammer; after provoking these events the account was canceled. Another user does not claim that the amount of three hundred and fifty thousand Robux was added to his account. The ones who were employed to acquire merchandise from the MeepCity store and distribute it among the hackers.

ReeseMcBlox's account was compromised to such an extent that they wrote risque messages in the chat addressed to the account owner and the rest of the players. The ScorpioPilot account, believed to be behind Ellernate, received a 6-year suspension from the Roblox platform.

When the developers took control back, they proceeded to delete every single item that players had in their inventories, and returned the in-game store to normal.

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