World bosses in Dragonflight: their locations and rewards

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dragonflight is the new and 9ᵉ extension of World of Warcraft, it takes place on the Dragon Islands where a new threat that we thought eliminated forever resurfaced!

With the first season of dragonflight 4 new world bosses will be available with unique rewards. You will have a chance to get gear up to 389 ilvl.


All about World Bosses in Dragonflight

For the moment, only one boss has appeared on the Dragonflight beta, it is Strunran “The Heaven's Woe of the Plains of Ohn'ahra” it is at the top of the dragon springs.

On this boss, you can notably obtain:

Static Charged Scale Bijou No 389
Winding Winds Tights legs Leather 389
Heaven's Misery Thighboots feet Plates 389
Crispins schiste-de-tempête cuffs Fabric 389
Storm chasing strap Size Mesh 389

Bazual, the dreaded Flame of the Travée d'Azur

Here's what you can get from this boss:

Magmatic Habit Torso Fabric 389
Emberfang Wristwrap Size Leather 389
Shackles of the Dreaded Flame cuffs Plates 389
Smoldering Signet Ring of Sulfuron Finger No 389
Basalt Brood Stompers feet Mesh 389

Basrikron, the Shale Wing of Waking Shore 

Here's what you can get from this boss:

Stony Stonewalker feet Leather 389
Hardened Shale Breastplate Torso Plates 389
Parleterre brooch Neck No 389
Living Earth Belt Fabric Size 389

Liskanoth, Fléau du futur by Thaldraszus

Here's what you can get from this boss:

Frozen Boots  feet Fabric 389
Ice Girdle Size Plates 389
Cooler sleeves cuffs Leather 389
Draped in Frozen Scales Fabric Two 389
Future Scourge Horns Head Mesh 389

The item level you will get on these 4 bosses corresponds to what you can get in the Vault of Incarnations in normal mode.

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