World First Diurna Broodguard on WoW in Vault of Incarnation progress

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As with each new raid on World of Warcraft, the exit of mythic mode marks the beginning of the progress for the World First of each of the bosses. But before reaching Razsageth la storm mage, the last boss, the guilds will have to face the Diurna Broodguard.

It was the Liquid guild that got the World First on Broodguard Diurna in the Vault of Incarnations, Dragonflight's first raid. They are on course for the World First on Raszageth the Stormmage.


Liquid Guild Gets World First On Diurna Broodguard on WoW Dragonflight

Liquid validated the World First on December 19 at 00:40 a.m., Here is the clip of the kill of the Diurna Broodguard, the seventh boss of the Cave of the Incarnations.

To achieve this World First, Liquid decided to go with a composition with an additional healer.

  • 2 Tanks, a first for Liquid which replaces its second Protection Warrior by Knight of death blood 
  • 5 healers whose 2 Holy Priests.
  • 7 melee DPS whose 2 Assassination Rogue.
  • 7 Ranged DPS whose 3 Balance Druids et 2 Hunter Beast Mastery.

Find the progress of the best international guilds live on CreamofGames, in a progress that already promises to be extraordinary! We will also follow the progress of the French guild of Zerator made up of many streamers like Lapi, Kusa or even Ponce. This progress will take place on the Heroic difficulty of the Vault of Incarnations.

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