WoW Dragonflight crafting command bug, why is it under maintenance?

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Almost a month already since the new extension of World of Warcraft : Dragonflight went out. Players were able to discover all the new features, in particular the overhaul of professions and talents on the new continent of the Dragon Islands. Since the week of December 14, 2022, the famous Race to World first in full swing with an epic showdown between Liquid et Echo on the last raid boss Raszageth.

For the week of December 21, 2022, a new patch has arrived on WoW with a large number of balancing on classes, raid bosses, but also on mythical dungeons more. However, the game has been experiencing some bugs since Wednesday's update specifically with the introduction of the first wing of the LFR. 


Why are craft orders not available?

Unfortunately, we have no information on the subject. Some servers can no longer access crafting commands as they are disabled and under maintenance. A bug must affect them from the December 21, 2022 update.

A first bug prevented players from being able to use the group search to go to the raid Dragonflight LFR. If this problem seems to be solved, since the night of December 21 to 22, crafting orders are not available for players and players.

The problem should be fixed in the day, but it is not certain as we haven't received any communication from Blizzard developers. 

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