WoW Dragonflight maintenance December 9, why are the servers offline?

Update: Maintenance is over!

Like many online games, sometimes the game servers World of Warcraft are offline in order to deploy maintenance or for an unexpected problem.

This Friday, December 9, Blizzard has decided to do emergency maintenance and shut down the servers for an indefinite period of time in an effort to address chain disconnection issues experienced by some players.


When does the December 9, 2022 maintenance end in WoW?

This emergency maintenance for WoW Dragonflight has been communicated on the official Blizzard CS EU FR Twitter account. If like most players, you're wondering how long it should last, well, for the moment no information has been given. However, we can assume that it should last an hour, as is the case for regular maintenance of the game. 

We need to perform emergency maintenance on #WoW. The game will not be available during this time.

— Blizzard CS EU FR (@BlizzardCSEU_FR) December 9, 2022

Of course, this maintenance may last much longer than an hour, so we recommend that you check the Blizzard CS EU FR Twitter account (source) to know when the servers will be back online! While waiting for the servers to return, you can consult our articles on WoW Dragonflight class tier list and we remind you that Twitch Drops are available for the World First race.

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