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dragonflight is the new and 9ᵉ extension of World of Warcraft, it takes place on the Dragon Islands where a new threat that we thought eliminated forever resurfaced!

Le Vault of Incarnations is the new raid of the first season of dragonflight, you will face in particular Raszageth the Stormmage.


Vault of the pineapples the new mini game from TacticalAirHorse

Cave of the Incarnations, the new raid of the first season of Dragonflight is coming soon. Do you want to train in order to be ready when it comes out? TacticalAirHorse a game developer who is known for creating a mini-game on the Natria's Castle or the Saint of Domination and for Dragonflight, it starts again!

A new mini-game Vault of the pineapple » always on the theme of pineapple will allow you to face the first 7 bosses of the RAID. The mini-game looks like this: 

The game is designed for qwerty keyboards, but you can change the keys by pressing "Esc" then go to "Key bindings", you can then modify the keys as you wish.

You find the alter-egos of the bosses of the Vault of the Incarnations in pineapple form:

  • eggnog correspond to eranog
  • Fruitos correspond to lands
  • Tropical Council corresponds to Prime Council
  • Mr. Grimfruit correspond to Sennarth, the Glacial
  • Pineapplea, Ascended correspond to Dathea, transcended
  • Fruitkeeper Newspaper correspond to Trembling Totem-Sinister
  • Fruitarth, the cold lemonade corresponds to the Diurna Broodguard

It seems like Raszageth the Stormmage is not available, you can nevertheless already train on the first 7 bosses. You will then embody a pineapple, you will have two spells. The first will allow you to attack while remaining pressed on your left click while the second will allow you to heal yourself.

In short, a very good mini-game allowing you to work on the strategies that will allow you to overcome the Cave of the Incarnations. Guides for all Raid Bosses and Mythic+ Dungeons will be available soon on CreamofGames!

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