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dragonflight, the most recent extension of World of Warcraft, was released at the end of November. Since then, new discoveries have been made every day. Today we are going to share with you graphical changes that will make the game sharper without lowering FPS.

These graphical changes are accessible to everyone. They will make it possible to lines defining the clearer game textures, sharper, giving a less blurry rendering. Additionally, these options can even increase FPS in some cases.


How to improve graphics quality and FPS of WoW Dragonflight?

Multiple options exist, hidden in the very long list that is WoW's options menu. We'll start with the first and most important option: rendering scale.

Go to the system menu (by pressing Esc), then Optionsthen Graphics. There you can search in the search bar at the top rightRender Scale and scroll down this option to 98%.

There is also a other option : use command /console set renderscale 0.999 for an even cleaner result even if it may surprise you a little at first.

The second option going to be the resampling. You can go down the options until you find it or search directly in the search bar at the top right. Once you are there, choose FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0

Finally, third and last option to modify is the resampling sharpness. Scroll down just a bit to find the option and place the cursor at 0,2.

Ces options should make the game much sharper while improving performance for some PCs. It may not change anything for your FPS but in any case the game will be much more beautiful and you will be able to enjoy the expanses of Dragonflight.

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