WoW: Morchok, how to summon him in Dragonflight?

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World of Warcraft dragonflight is available since November 29, 2022. Players can level up their characters to level 70 in the new areas of the Dragon Islands. 

Waiting for the release of 1 season With the Raid and Mythic Plus Dungeons, you can prepare your characters by building your Renown with the expansion's various reputations and upgrading their gear. To do this, you can face several rares daily to hopefully get a suitable reward with your item level. Morchok is one of his few. For face it, you must first to invoke. 


How to summon Morchoke?

If you're looking to take on Morchok, you need to go to the awakened shores, the first area of 鈥嬧婦ragonflight. Not far from the Obsidian Citadel, where you can collect loyalty keys, you'll find a number of rare creatures to battle for gear. 

Morchok is to the east of the citadel in a lava eruption as you can see in the following screenshot. If you can't see it, it's normal since it is necessary to summon it by giving 20 keys to the NPCs at this location.

Once all 20 keys have been returned, Morchok will not spawn directly. You will attend an animation at the end of which Morchok will appear.

After the animation, Morchok can be targeted and you just have to defeat him with a group to hope to get some loot, including an interesting necklace.

For information, Morchok is part of the list of super rare to defeat daily to increase its item level.

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