WoW: Team Liquid unveils a tier list made by players during the progress of the Vault of Incarnations in Dragonflight

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La Race to World First du Caveau des Incarnations, the first raid of Dragonflight, the new extension of World of Warcraft, has begun ! Since Wednesday, December 14, 2022, you can follow the best guilds in the world take on the eight raid bosses and try to win this race. So far, only Team Liquid (NA) and Echo (EU) have reached the Raszageth, the final boss on Mythic difficulty. 

We are coming to the conclusion of this Race to World First since it is probably Echo or Liquid who will be able to defeat this ultimate opponent before the others. If you know how mythical raids work in WoW, you already know that it is necessary to form a group of 20 with different classes present in the game. With each new extension and each new patch, the question of class balancing and tier lists arise for players. On the occasion of the Race to World First, Team Liquid members who play in Los Angeles, were able to create a tier list and update it as they progress through the raid.


Team Liquid's tier list for the Vault of Incarnations

Before presenting the Team Liquid tier list, it is important to remember that the players have not taken this work seriously. This is entertainment in order to release the pressure of the race in which he participates. 

To put it into context, in the premises hosting Team Liquid for this event, a table was installed with an image for each specialization in the game. Players were able to place classes there, as they wished, to form a tier list. . So, while some positions reflect reality, others are clearly jokes.

We put a tier list out and left it in the facility for 24 hours.

This is the end result after day 1 of everyone messing with it. Well check back in on the board in a couple of days.

— Liquid Guild (@LiquidGuild) December 14, 2022

You can notice the dominance of the Arcane Mage which has found its place in the meta, especially on Dathea where three Arcane Mages have been aligned by Team Liquid. It is interesting to watch the differences after six days of play for the players.

We're back with another tier list update on day #6!

We caught some of the players moving the pieces around. Could this list be starting to become accurate? Probably not. ?

Oh also... Sorry Affliction Warlocks ?

— Liquid Guild (@LiquidGuild) December 19, 2022

You can notice that some classes have suffered a lot like the warlock who was relegated to tier D for the Demono spec. Still, the class and specialization are very viable and very strong. Players placed the image here after defeating Kurog without a single Warlock in the party.

THD, the Liquid warlock player updated the tier list recently to take raid and mythic plus into account. 

We've got another tier list for you! This time prepared by @Thdlock 🧙

Both M+ and raid were considered when making it, and he refers to D tier as "the specs that shall not be named." 😭#LiquidRWF

— Liquid Guild (@LiquidGuild) December 21, 2022

We will definitely have another update by the end of Race to World First.

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