X4-Aquilon in Fortnite, what is it?

Our articles on Fortnite X4-Aquilon in Fortnite, what is it? What is an "X4-Aquilon" in Fortnite? We explain where to find this vehicle (or rather, this plane)!

Since the arrival of theOperation Snowfall in Fortnite, the X4-Aquilon have made their big comeback in the game. But what is hidden behind this name made up of letters and numbers? For those who did not play Fortnite a few years ago, this name should not speak to you. However, you see them every day when you play Fortnite: they are simply planes.

These planes, you can find them all over the Fortnite map. But what could be better than a detailed map with the location of each of the spots with Q4-Aquilon?

X4-Aquilon, Fortnite planes

As you can see from the map below, there are planes all over the map as there are 5 Neigionnaire outposts spread out from north to south to west to east.

At each of the points on the map, you will find Neigionnaire outposts in Fortnite. On these outposts, there are chests, weapons and above all, X4-Aquilon. Each outpost has at least 3 planes, so you shouldn't encounter any particular problems.

Thereafter, you will be able to complete the various challenges requested by Epic Games to complete Operation Snowfall quests. If you have to fly 5 meters, do laps around the map and if you have to destroy opposing constructions, attack your enemies in Fortnite!

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