Fortnite IO springboard, where to find them?

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Our articles on Fortnite Fortnite IO springboard, where to find them? To go further on the map or to validate a challenge, you need a springboard and why not IO? We show you on the map where to find them!

You necessarily know the springboards in Fortnite, this epic object that you place on a wooden, brick or metal floor, and which allows you to fly away by recovering your glider. At various places on the map, there are springboards that do not move and are there regardless of the game: these are the springboards of the IO. These springboards are placed in the bases of the IO, hence their name!

Where are the IO springboards? In this article, we offer you a map with the different bases of the IO. To access the springboard, you will then have to be guided by the strong blue light it gives off.

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Where are the IO springboards in Fortnite?

As you may have read, to find an IO springboard, you have to go to an IO base. There are no other alternatives to complete the challenge asking you to use an IO springboard. To find these famous bases, we offer you a map with a few locations; obviously, there are not all the locations since only one springboard is enough to validate the challenge.

Location of some IO bases in Fortnite with the famous IO tremplis

A word of advice if you don't want to miss the IO springboard, head for the big blue light that sparkles!

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