Map BTS in Fortnite, code for Dynamite in Creative

Our articles on Fortnite BTS map in Fortnite, code for Dynamite in Creative An official BTS map is available in Fortnite's Creative mode for the Dynamite clip!

Epic Games has just announced the arrival of the partnership BTS x Fortnite, enough to satisfy many K-pop fans! For this partnership, the choreographed clip of the single " Dynamite " will be premiered in Fortnite's Pary Royale mode. But that's not all, since it will also be possible to obtain BTS emotes in the game's item shop.

In addition to everything, a map was created in the fortnit creative modee, reproducing Dynamite's base clip. Enough to entertain the most impatient! We explain how to join this card, and what is its code.

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Map BTS in the Creative mode of Fortnite, how to join it?

A BTS special map was created in the mode Creative from Fortnite, and will soon be available to all players! It will be possible to join this map from the 22 September, 16 p.m. French time. Regarding its content, it is a reproduction of the world of Dynamite's original music video, designed by members of the community.

The Fortnite BTS map code is 0272-4337-3889.

To join this map, the system is the same as for all maps in creative mode:

  • Launch a Creative Server
  • Find a featured island
  • Approach the rift, then choose "Set Island Code"
  • Enter code 0272-4337-3889

You will then be able to participate in various challenges and mini-games related to the basic clip of Dynamite!

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