Talk to Joey in Fortnite Season 7 Challenge

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Our articles on Fortnite Speak to Joey in Fortnite, season 7 challenge Legendary quests of the week ask you to go speak to Joey in Fortnite, one of the NPCs in the game! You are given its location.

Since season 6, NPCs have been present in Fortnite, each with a different function when interacted with. These NPCs are regularly present in different challenges, most of the time, you are asked to talk to them! This is the case with one of this week's challenges, which requires talk to joey.

If you don't know where Joey is, don't panic! It's at Dirty Docks that you will have to go, to be able to speak with the NPC and validate the quest. Check out its exact location below.

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Where is Joey in Fortnite?

To find Joey and be able to talk to him in Fortnite, head to Dirty Docks! It is to the northwest of the city that you will find the NPC, outside a building. You can use the map below to get its precise location:

Location of Joey in Fortnite

As a reminder, when you get closer to Dirty Docks, a chat bubble will appear on the mini-map, indicating the precise location of the NPC. You will have no trouble finding it! If this bubble does not appear, it is most certainly that the NPC is not present in this part, and that you will have to do another one to find it.

You can also use the screenshot below to find Joey, and find out what she looks like:

Joey in Fortnite

Don't forget to talk to him to complete the quest!

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