Use a Holiday Gift in Fortnite, Christmas Challenge

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Our articles on Fortnite Using a holiday gift in Fortnite, Christmas challenge The Christmas challenges are back in Fortnite for the end of 2021. One of them asks you to use a holiday gift in game!

It is Christmas in Fortnite ! And like every end of the year, the Winter Festival is back in the Battle Royale with new rewards and new challenges to achieve. For more information, you can consult the list of Christmas gifts 2021 on Fortnite !

Among the new challenges this year, some ask you to use holiday additions with completely frosty items! One of the challenges asks you to use a holiday gift in-game. We explain where to find holiday gifts to complete this challenge!

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How to use and where to find a holiday gift in Fortnite for Christmas challenges?

The new challenge of December 23, 2021 for winter party from Fortnite, asks you to find a Holiday Gift in a game and use it. The challenge is very simple since the only difficulty lies in the fact of find a holiday gift. The task can be longer or shorter depending on your luck since to get a holiday gift you have to open coffers in a Fortnite game.

Holiday gift in Fortnite

Holiday Gifts are items added for the Christmas holiday that you can use to receive epic and higher rarity rewards. There are many places in the game where you can find chests, especially in towns and places, but also under the trees during the Winter Festival. Open a maximum of chest until you get a gift and use it, like any other object, for validate the challenge.

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