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Every Thursday in Fortnite, challenges, also called "quests", are available! These challenges allow you to earn XP and advance in the battle pass to unlock skins. However, they are not always easy to achieve, and we help you to validate them easily thanks to our guides.

Discover where is the Zero Point to visit for the week 11 challenge in Fortnite!

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Where is Point Zero to visit in Fortnite?

One of the challenges of the week asks you to visit Point Zero in Fortnite! Nothing complicated, since it is only a question of going to a specific notable place. However, it is still necessary to know where it is to be able to get there.

Le Point Zero is located at top of the tower which is at the center of the Arrow. Impossible to miss this tower, since it is the highest in the game! You can find its location on the map below:

Ground Zero location in Fortnite

By going to its summit, which you can reach by the steps, by jumping from the battle bus, or thanks to the zip lines, a message will appear: ÔÇť Notable place discovered! Zero point ". If you don't know what does this tower look like, you can use the screenshot below:

The Zero Point Tower in Fortnite

You may be wondering where exactly is the zero point ? Once at the top of the tower, you will see this funny giant luminous stone ball. Zero Point is locked inside!

The Zero Point is in the stone

The challenge will be validated automatically when you have reached the top of the tower!

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