Where is Cube Assassin in Fortnite, NPC 13 location?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where is Cube Assassin in Fortnite, NPC 13 location? NPC 13 may seem very complicated to find for many players in Fortnite, since its location does not appear anywhere! We explain how to find it.

As in previous seasons, different NPCs are present on the map in this season 8 of Fortnite ! Finding them isn't too hard, as most of them are marked with fillable maps in the game. 13.

It seems that NPC 17 is still not present in the game, unlike the NPC 13 which is actually findable! We explain how find its location and be able to talk to him.

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Where is Cube Assassin NPC 13 in Fortnite?

To find NPC 13 in Fortnite, you will simply have to follow the instructions below:

  • Start by find a flaw in the cube, whose icon appears on the mini-map
  • Approach this fault, so that a detour activates
  • In the detour you will find the boss Assassin du Cube, with a ! red above his head
  • Eliminate this boss to end the Detour, and spawn NPC 13

Find one of these rifts, whose location appears on the mini-map, to activate the detour

Defeat this boss to complete the detour and spawn NPC 13 (Credits: @Becool Dude)

It is once you have eliminated this boss that you will be able to speak with NPC 13. Be careful though, if it has already appeared in a detour triggered by another player in the game, it will not appear at the end of yours !

At the moment, this NPC is not very useful since no fillable map is associated with it. You can, however, advance a little further in your collection of NPCs by finding it.

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