Where is the Tomato Altar in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where is the Tomato Altar in Fortnite? The Tomato Altar can be found at Pizza Pit in Fortnite!

Tomatoes are at the heart of this week of challenges in Fortnite. After collecting a basket of tomatoes, now you'll have to light the tomato altar. But where is it? As you may have read in the introduction, you are going to have to go to Pizza Pit, a brand new notable place that you have surely visited if you are diligent (e) challenges and quests in Fortnite.

Head to Pizza Pit where you will have to go upstairs in the restaurant to find the tomato altar. Once up there, nothing difficult since you will have to press your default key to light the altar.


The Tomato Altar in Fortnite

If you forgot where Pizza Pit is in Fortnite, our map is here to jog your memory, don't worry.

Pizza Pit is located at the very north of what could be described as a desert area

Once there, as you can see in the image at the top of the article, or below, you will have to go upstairs to the restaurant and thus discover the altar to be lit.

The altar will be located here

Once you have done this, you have completed the first part of one of the challenges. Now you're going to have to dance at Pizza Pit (at this location) or Pizza Pete's food truck.

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