Fortnite Season 7 NPCs, All Character Locations

Our articles on Fortnite Fortnite season 7 NPCs, location of all characters Find the location of all NPCs in Fortnite season 7!

NPCs were incorporated into season 6 of Fortnite, offering many possibilities in the game, including that of using ingots to buy weapons or services. In 7 season, these NPCs are still present, but in different locations and with different functions!

Discover the location of all NPCs in season 7 of Fortnite, as well as their usefulness.

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Where are the NPCs in Fortnite Season 7?

With the arrival of season 7, the NPC present in Fortnite have been changed, as well as their location. So it can be hard to find them if you don't know where to look!

To help you, we offer the map below, which locates all the NPCs present in this new season :

This is what the map of NPC locations looks like in season 7

Number Name Features
Character 1 abstract Disguise, Weapons
Character 2
Bill the Human
Nuts and Bolts, Quests
Character 3
guggimon Weapons, Duels, Quests
Character 4
Sunny Weapon Upgrading, Quests
Character 5
Jonesy from the Bunker
Character 6
brushwood Disguise
Character 7
Sweet Flower Quests, Healing
Character 8
Joey Weapon Upgrade, Disguise
Character 9
Boob Disguise, Care
Character 10 Marie d'Or Nuts and bolts
Character 11 Nerd Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Next Area
Character 12 Rick Sanchez Nuts and Bolts, Flaw
Character 13 Antisocial Duel, Weapons, Supply
Character 14 Secretary of War
Weapon Upgrades, Supply
Character 15 Special forces Weapon Upgrade, Engage, Duel
Character 16 Swamp Tracker
Nuts and bolts
Character 17 Professor Slone Weapons, Dueling
Character 18 Brutus of the beaches
Character 19 Kymera
Personage ?
Batman / Dirty Docks
Personage ?
Superman/ The Orchard
Personage ?
Beast Boy/ Weeping Woods ?

So these are 19 NPCs who are currently present in Fortnite, each with their specific role. Three new NPCs have recently been introduced, but their locations are not yet known: Batman, Superman et Beast Boy.

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