How to Paste an Image on Gartic Phone

Once again, the interest of many gartic phone enthusiasts is triggered by the rumor that circulates in RRSS that refers to how to paste an image on Gartic Phone?

Let's remember that Gartic Phone or broken phone is a web game with entertaining and easy toggles that launch the participants to experience crazy moments of unbridled laughter. This phenomenon is due in large part to the multiple nonsense that can occur in player rooms, as well as to the foolish moments that can be experienced.

And despite the fact that most Gartic Phone users, if not the vast majority, don't know how to paste an image on Gartic Phone?, they continue to give this game a one out of 10.

For example, out of four hundred and sixty-eight thousand one hundred and sixty-one members, there are high chances that not even one of them knows how to paste an image on Gartic Phone? And not for this reason they have stopped playing it!

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How to Paste an Image on Gartic Phone

Paste an image on gartic phone Vs. mimic an image

As is well known, the Gartic Phone game is made up of multiple participation modalities and one of these stands out in particular, known as “Imitation”.

So, under this gameplay scheme, streamers or traditional players must answer the drawings (or doodles hahahaha) against the clock as best they can. In other words, they must mentally trace or copy the image and then answer it in a short time.

Now, this "imitation" is nothing like pasting or copying as we traditionally do when using the Ctrl + V and Ctrl + C commands respectively on our computers.

That is, so far it is not very likely that an image extracted from the Word Wide Web can be pasted into Gartic Phone with the command Ctrl+V . In addition to this, in the functionalities and buttons that this game has, none leads us to think that one of these is to paste an image on Gartic Phone.

In this sense, the final recommendation is that you make a mental copy when you are playing to answer a drawing. That is, exercise your photographic memory so that you develop this capacity one hundred and ten percent.

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