How to Receive Gifts in MeepCity

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En MeepCity de Roblox, we have the possibility of giving or receiving gifts from other players, through the object exchange system. Through this system, players who wish to assist others with articles or objects to decorate the house and we also have the possibility of receiving money.

How to Receive Gifts in MeepCity

How to receive gifts in MeepCity Roblox

A player wishes to give you a gift in MeepCity, such as an object to decorate your home, a pet, receive flowers or Coins to be used in the in-game shops.

The procedure is extremely easy to carry out, we just have to follow the instructions. To receive a gift you just have to carry out the steps shown below:

  1. We enter the profile of the user who wants to send us the gift.
  2. We are going to click on the 3 points that are located in the upper right corner of the screen. We will achieve this in our friend's user photo.
  3. A list will be displayed with each and every one of the articles that the user can send.
  4. This system is used to send, receive or exchange objects between players.
  5. We are going to click on the object that we want to perceive from our friend.
  6. The player in charge must review the transaction well due to the fact that once it has been carried out, it cannot be undone.
  7. The player in charge must click on the Make Offer button to authorize the transaction.
  8. The next time we enter the MeepCity game we will receive a message notifying us that we have a pending gift to receive.
  9. We have the option to accept or refuse the gift that the player sends us. It is up to us to perceive the gift they send us.
  10. By clicking admit, we will immediately receive the gift in our MeepCity inventory. The inventory is identified as the Attic, where each and every item is kept.

Review transactions made

To review the transactions carried out in the exchange system, we must enter the section that is located on the left side of the screen.

  • We are going to click on the exchange option (received / delivered).
  • There are other alternatives such as Rejected / pending.

In this way we can keep track of each and every one of the operations carried out in the system.

How to accept or refuse a gift

The gifts that a player sends us a player we can accept or refuse. On certain occasions the players send gifts that when they are admitted we will send a gift automatically.

We must contrast what we receive, and when we are sure, we click on admitting. The gift received can be achieved in our inventory.

To send or receive gifts we must carry out each and every one of the steps that we previously mentioned.

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