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Our articles on Fortnite Where are Ferraris in Fortnite, location of cars Ferraris are coming to Fortnite this Thursday, July 22! But where to find them for sure?

Going on social networks this Wednesday, you may have come across the teaser posted on all the official accounts of Fortnite : that of the future collaboration with Ferrari ! As you might expect, there are plenty of Ferrari-branded vehicles coming to the game, but where exactly?

These vehicles will simply replace current Whiplash, these racing cars present everywhere on the map. We give you their locations below!

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Where to find Ferraris in Fortnite?

The Ferraris are not really new vehicles, contrary to what one might think! Indeed, it is simply the Whiplash already present in the game, but with a different visual.

To find these different Ferraris, you can therefore go to Whiplash locations, which you can partly find on the map below:

Ferrari locations in Fortnite

Vehicle locations in Fortnite work like NPC locations: cars always have the same location, but appear randomly each game. It is therefore possible that a location of Ferrari is correct, but that the car does not appear in your game! It will certainly be present in the next one.

Location of a Ferrari in Fortnite

Unlike the current Whiplash, the Ferraris will be seen quickly, since they will be red! The Ferrari logo should also appear on these vehicles. In addition to the pleasure of discovering these new cars, they will be useful for you to achieve some of the week 7 challenges.

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