Where is Secret Agent in Fortnite, NPC location

Our articles on Fortnite Where is Secret Agent in Fortnite, NPC location Secret Agent is a new NPC in Fortnite! Find out where to find the NPC in the game to complete new quests.

NPCs are more and more numerous in Fortnite, since every Tuesday new ones are added to the current list. They are then part of the cards to be completed, and each of them offers a series of quests, consisting of five challenges to be validated to obtain XP.

This week, a new NPC arrives with its list of quests: it is Agent Secret ! We will therefore have to go talk to him again, to obtain these new challenges. But where exactly is he ? It is at Lazy Lake that you will have to go to find Secret Agent!

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How to find the Secret Agent NPC in Fortnite? 

It is therefore at Lazy Lake that you will find Secret Agent, and that you can talk to the NPC to obtain the new Improvised Tactics quest series. Five challenges will have to be completed to earn XP. If you don't know exactly where Lazy Lake is, you can find the location of the NPC on the map below :

Secret Agent location in Fortnite

To find out if he is present in your game, you just have to go to Lazy Lake. Then look at your mini-map: a chat bubble icon should appear, indicating the precise location of the NPC, since it may be moving! Then you just have to approach it to find Secret Agent and be able to talk to him.

Five challenges will then have to be completed!

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