Where is Sunny in Fortnite NPC location?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where is Sunny in Fortnite NPC location? Among the various Fortnite NPCs in season 7, we find Sunny! You are given his location so you can talk to him and validate a challenge.

Every Wednesday in Fortnite, legendary quests are available, allowing you to obtain XP. Some of these quests require you to interact with very specific NPCs present on the game map. To get to them, it is therefore important to know their location, otherwise the challenge can take a very long time to complete!

This week, we will have to go to Sunny to talk to him. She is at Believer Beach, either directly on the beach or on the pontoon which flows into the sea. We give you its precise location below.

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Where to find Sunny in Fortnite?

To find NPC Sunny in Fortnite, go to Believer Beach ! It should normally be on the beach, or on the pontoon located on it. To know if the NPC is indeed present in your game, you will see a chat bubble on your mini-map, at its precise location, when you are on Believer Beach. If this bubble is not there, there are no NPCs!

You can use the map below to get an idea of 鈥嬧婼unny's location in the game:

Location of Sunny in Fortnite

You can also use the screenshot below, which gives its precise location, but also what it looks like precisely. Easy to recognize!

Sunny in Fortnite

Once there, don't forget to talk to him to validate one of the legendary challenges in week 13.

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