Where is the Sunflower Farm in Fortnite?

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Our articles about Fortnite Where is the sunflower farm in Fortnite? Where is the Sunflower Farm in Fortnite for the Week 8 Challenge? We help you find them!

Every Thursday, challenges (or quests) are available in Fortnite. They allow you to earn EXP quite easily, provided you validate them! Some challenges can be more complicated than others, so we've got you covered.

To achieve the challenge Deliver a pickup to Sunflower Farm 禄, we explain to you where the Tournesol farm is located so that you can complete this challenge as quickly as possible!

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Where to find Sunflower Farm in Fortnite?

As you may have read, this week we will have to visit the Tournesol farm with a pick-up to complete the challenge. Unfortunately, the Tournesol farm is not indicated on the map, unlike the various localities. No problem, because there are few farms on the Fortnite map, so it's easily spotted.

To help you, we've shared a map showing the location of Sunflower Farm, which is near the armored farmer's estate or the  Orchard Farmer's Market, which are the locations of the other challenges of the week:

Sunflower Farm location to complete the week 8 challenge

After finding a pickup, all you have to do is head to this point to complete this battle pass challenge.

If you have to make a long trip with the pickup and you're not sure you have enough gas, we offer you an article that references all the gas stations in Fortnite. A good way to make sure you can go to the Tournesol farm with peace of mind.

With this week's challenges, Fortnite allows you to get easy experience to advance in your battle pass. It is also possible to unlock the Predator skin and various cosmetics by completing the Jungle Stalker quests!

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