Wolf Fortnite, where to find them in season 8?

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Our articles on Fortnite Wolf Fortnite, where to find them in season 8? Wolves have been present in Fortnite for several seasons now, and for some challenges it is necessary to find them! Find out their location.

Lots of new stuff coming in Fortnite with the deployment of patch 18.00, for season 8 of the game! Among these, animals will be integrated into the game, which it will be possible to eliminate. Killing them will then yield different materials, useful for crafting different weapons.

Among these animals, we find in particular wolves ! We explain to you where to find in Fortnite.

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Where to find wolves in Fortnite?

Finding wolves in Fortnite will not be easy, since they are quite rare in each game. We invite you to discover below the different locations of wolves in Fortnite, updated for season 8!

Remember that wolves appear randomly in each game, so you may not find them in certain locations shown on the map below:

Location of wolves in season 8 of Fortnite.

Once tamed, wolves will be effective allies, as they will attack any nearby enemies in the area on sight.

To tame them, you will need throw meat at them then press the E key (on PC) to have them as allies, as soon as they start eating. You can also collect animal meat or bones by killing these wolves, like all the other animals in the game.

Be careful, the wolves will often be in groups and they will attack you directly if you get close!

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