How to Put FNF in Full Screen

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You have come to the right place to find out how to make fnf full screen? And thus learn endless tricks or artifacts that will let you live immersive experiences in Friday Night Funky.

Plus, the best of the best is yet to come as we've been relentless fans of this video rhythm game from the moment it was born.

Well, we put into practice (in our test suite) all the tricks that will let you, not only, discover how to put fnf in full screen? But also, you will be able to get a better visualization of all the events that occur in FNF so that you can feel like a true gamer of Friday NIGHT Funky.

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How to Put FNF in Full Screen

Step by step to put fnf in full screen

As we do not want to make a listless and super extensive tutorial on how to put fnf in full screen? We are going to summarize a sequence of steps that you must carry out simply and quickly.

However, it is worth mentioning that for any game the only thing you have to do to play in full screen is to press the combination of the keys: Alt + Enter. 

"This trick is a basic of the technology that you should know for any video game"

Now, in the case of Friday Night Funky, the recommendation to put the perfect big screen or fullscreen mode is:

  • Open the game Friday Night Funky
  • Press the "F" key
  • Then “enter” and finally you are ready to play in FULLSCREEN FNF

Of course, in order for Alt + Enter (ENTER) or “F” to work you must have the original download of the game. Otherwise, these commands may not produce the expected effect.

But also, if what you want is to exit the full screen, you just have to press the following key combination: Alt + Tab or also the key that points to the Windows logo

On the other hand, it is essential to note that the result of these cheats will depend on the type of equipment you are using to play Friday Night Funky. Like your operating system or the type of graphics card, because in certain cases it is necessary to use a supervisor.

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