Mysteries of Sciropescire AC Valhalla, where to find them and perform them?

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Our articles on Assassin's Creed Valhalla Mysteries of Sciropescire AC Valhalla, where to find them and perform them? At Sciropescire, it will be possible to find 14 mysteries. Find in this guide where to find and accomplish them.

Dance Assassin's Creed Valhalla, you can get many riches but also find artifacts and mysteries. It is to the latter that we will be interested in this guide and in particular where to find them and complete them in the Reduce. Find all the locations their locations below.

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Where to find and perform the mysteries of Sciropescire in AC Valhalla?

At Sciropescire, you can find a total of 14 mysteries.

Sheep on a skewer

During this mystery, Merec lost his brooch and he needs your help to find her. To be able to find her, you have to feed the sheep Then look in their droppings. Once you find him, all you have to do is talk to Merec.

 “Skewered sheep” solution and location (credits: Game Guides Channel)

Paola's dream

This mystery is not complicated since you just need to talk to Jason and listen to him to complete it.

 Walkthrough and Location “Paola’s Dream” (Credits: Game Guides Channel)

Verbal jousting - Ove la Balafre

To solve it, you just have to face Ove in verbal jousting. You will owe him give the following answers :

  • But your vanity will never reach my fame.
  • If you had a little wisdom, you would keep quiet.
  • If that's what you want, ask politely.

 Solution and location "Word game against Ova" (credits: Game Guides Channel)

Legendary Animal - Beast-of-the-Hills

This mystery is quite simple since you just have to face the legendary animal " Beast-of-the-hills ". To learn more, you can refer to our guide on Legendary Hunts.

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 Solution and location of the "Beast-of-the-hills" (credits: HarryNinetyFour)

Wrœken Offering Altar

To complete this mystery, all you need to do is offer 5 small brown trout. If you don't know where to get some, you can check out our guide below.

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 Solution and location of the Wrœeken offering altar (credits: Game Guides Channel)

Erect stones of Mycel Fold

Complete the puzzle of standing stones is not too complicated and here is the solution below in video.

Solution and location of Mycel Fold's erected stones (credits: Gaming with Abyss)

talkative death

By going to the place of this mystery, you arrive in front of a dead man who speaks. To learn more about it, climb the hill above the closed gate and enter the house in front of you. Then move the shelf and break the wall to get under the house. You just have to kill the scammer.

 Walkthrough and location of “Dead Talkative” (Credits: Game Guides Channel)


When you arrive in front of the house of this mystery you will hear the cry of a child trapped inside. Then go to the back of the house and pull the padlock visible from the window.

Then go inside to retrieve the key and then go back outside.

Head to the back right side of the house and shoot the padlock again visible from the window.

Go back inside the house to open the door that was closed and move the shelf to find the key to the boy's room and go free him. He will explain to you that he was locked up by a witch. Unfortunately, it was a bad kid's prank.

Walkthrough and Location of “Bewitchment” (Credits: Game Guides Channel)

Otta, child of the ball

This challenge is not complicated, you just need to shoot all 5 targets within the time limit.

Solution and location of "Otto, child of the ball" (Credits: Game Guides Channel)


On site, you hear a man screaming, go join him and help him reach the source. Then head down the stone road below to hear another man screaming. Talk to him and also take him to the source. The two men will eventually help each other and you will have completed this mystery.

Solution and location of "Miracle" (credits: Game Guides Channel)

Cairn de Tittersrtone Clee Hill

To find and solve this cairn, you can check out our guide below.

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Cairn solution and location (credits: Gaming with Abyss)

fly agaric

Consume fly agaric to enter a trance. You must then interact with flames. To learn more, you can check out the video solution below.

Walkthrough and location of “Fly Agaric” (credits: Game Guides Channel)

King of the hill

A fanatic harangues the travellers. You have to face him 3 times in a row to stop bothering everyone.

“King of the Hill” Walkthrough and Location (Credits: Game Guides Channel)

Anomalie d'Animus de Sciropescire

At Sciropescire, you can find an Anomaly of the Animus. To learn more, you can check out our guide below.

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Solution and location of the Animus Anomaly” (credits: Game Guides Channel)


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